The Cruise Experience

Experience…. a world of living history… exotic ports and endless wonders… palm-fringed Islands and magnificent resort/ships… carefree vacationing catered to your every need. Best of all, whatever port you visit – whether the soaring glaciers of Alaska or the wilds Of Africa – you return each night to the safety and comfort of your well-equipped Cabin aboard ship. There is no more perfect vacation than a cruise. And statistics Show that if you have cruised once, you'll cruise again. After all, this is the good life, Where the staff on board the ship are anxious to pamper you and be of excellent Service. We can book your dream cruise aboard any cruise ship, best suited to your Personal needs and interests. Our established relationships with major cruise lines Provide us with excellent packages and pricing. Travel Rite can also arrange pre and Post cruise extensions, including air, car rental and hotel accommodations.

Cruise The Caribbean

The hallmark of any cruise, is the freedom you enjoy….to curl up with a good book in the Sun, or fill your day with activities… enjoy the shore excursions or take in 18 holes at a Championship golf course…to enjoy "heart healthy" meals six times a day, or the regular Sumptuous cuisine….the choice is yours!

A big advantage of a Caribbean cruise is the variety of options. Depending on your time And budget, you can choose to cruise for three, four, seven, ten days, or longer. Once You have decided how long you'll be away, you can select the itinerary you'd prefer, Obviously the longer your cruise, the more ports you can visit. In general, cruises that Start in San Juan visit the Southern islands, and cruises from Florida visit the Eastern Or Western Caribbean. Make your choice based on your interest.

Each island has its own personality and you'll have a fabulous time getting to know them. Explore the quaint cobblestone streets of Jan Juan, visit the fine duty free shops in St Thomas, Experience the charm of French/Dutch St Maarten, or take a surrey ride through the historic Neighborhoods of Nassau. Visit the museums of Key West. Snorkel through the clear waters Of Grand Cayman island, and experience the warm Jamaican hospitality of Ocho Rios. Explore The rain forests and white sand beaches of Guadeloupe, visit the picturesque harbor of Grenada, See the treasures of Caracas, or relax on the turquoise beaches of Aruba. These are just a few Of the ports you can visit!!

The Magic of Alaska

It's true that one advantage of a cruise is that when the ship docks, you can stay on board And relax. In Alaska, that's not a choice you will want to make – you won't want to miss Anything! Your cruise ship will sail on an incredible and scenic adventure where you'll see Perpetually snowcapped mountains over three miles high. As you glide into the fjords, You'll be completely surrounded by ice-blue glaciers. Alaska is Mother Nature's most Spectacular showpiece, and you'll want to see it all!!!

Make sure your cruise includes an island tour, which begins when you dock, You'll tour Deep into the heart of the rugged, untamed wilderness to magnificent Mt McKinley and The vast open spaces of Denali National Park. Other highlights include Prudhoe Bay Across the Arctic Circle, the Gold Rush Country of the Yukon and the majestic Canadian Rockies.

If you want to combine time on land and time on the ship, many of the Alaska itineraries Will offer cruise-tours to give you a wonderful Alaska experience.